The Productive Development Department develops the Commercial Networks program at Mobile Fairs

In order to provide producers with a new marketing space and the citizenship the possibility of safely receiving their products at home, the Commercial Networks program at Mobile Fairs began on May 26. The producers visit the neighborhoods of the city of Riobamba offering quality products, with a fair price and the delivery is from the producer to the consumer.

Currently, 15 associations from the cantons participate: Colta, Guano, Penipe, Riobamba and Chambo, which market products such as: vegetables, cereals, fruits, dairy products and minor species (trout). On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, the mobile fairs go through the different neighborhoods of the city of Riobamba through previously established circuits and on Saturdays they are marketed in the Cumanda canton. The producers participate in the fairs according to an established schedule of departures, using uniforms and considering all biosecurity measures.

This week different circuits are carried out according to the established schedule; on Monday, August 17 in the Barrio Santa Faz with the Apavics Association, Wednesday, August 19 in the Barrio La Paz with the San Isidro de Puni Association, on Friday, August 21 in the Barrio los Pinos with the Guacona Grande Association . And on Saturday, August 22 in the Cumanda Canton with the Llankashun Association