The new General Director of Management of the Board of Trustees of the Chimborazo Prefecture, Ricardo Córdova met with the District Director of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES), Ramiro Pontón to commit joint inter-institutional efforts in the welfare of the most vulnerable sectors of the province. .

Ramiro Pontón highlighted the inter-institutional work that has been carried out throughout the chimboracense territory.

The MIES is an institution that is always linked to the social and human issue, and the Provincial Board as a cooperator is linked within all this social support activity.

“Now with a new address I welcome you, as the Ministry you will have all the necessary support with our technicians, what you need, financial, administrative matters, everything related to the projects, such as Child Development Centers, Seniors, Eradication of Child Labor, count on us, we will always be ready to support ”, highlighted Pontón.

On his side, Ricardo Córdova, director of the Board of Trustees of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo stressed that he arrives with the intention of adding and working for the benefit of the least favored sectors of the province.

“That is why I requested this meeting with you, to place myself at your orders, and to be able to work together, because the only desire of the Board, and in the name of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, is to carry out all the projects, because the only beneficiaries are the citizens, and that is what we want; what is good to maintain and if there is any way to improve it, to do it without a doubt, that is the only thing that we want to do ”.

Writing: Arturo Lara