The Provincial Board of Trustees sensitizes child labor in parks and markets in Riobamba with the ETI project

The Provincial Board within its project “Eradication of Child Labor” – ETI carried out an approach in parks and markets of the Riobamba canton, with the aim of raising awareness among parents about the rights that children and adolescents have.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the promoters of this Project visit strategic points where child labor is visible. On this occasion, La Merced and San Alfonso attended the market in order to hold a meeting with the representatives of the markets, plan and structure a macro awareness training for traders in these sectors.

Sara Damián, social promoter of this Project, stated that the objective is to raise awareness and approach so that the rights of children are recognized, “we take the children’s data so that in the coming months they form part of our Project, depending on their vulnerability. of their families and the analysis of the multidisciplinary team. In addition, by legalizing as a beneficiary of the Project, home visits are made, comprehensive follow-ups: social, psycho-affective and educational ”, he said.

Damián also expressed that approaches have been made with institutions to carry out the event. “We carry out the management with the San Alfonso and La Merced markets, which are places with a high rate of child labor for the execution of macro training for the women who market their products, who know their rights and avoid child labor,” he mentioned .

Elsa Toaquiza, mother of a family, indicated that, on the part of her family, they appreciate the help and concern that the institution has in the face of this problem. “Today they have visited us, they are giving us educational help, child labor should not exist, it is not easy to see children who are forced to work. Thanks to the help and support that the Provincial Board of Trustees gives us, ”he said.