The Sow for Life campaign continues throughout the province

In order to improve air quality and biodiversity in degraded areas of the province of Chimborazo, the Prefecture, through the Directorate of Environmental Management, delivered 2 thousand plants between native and fruit trees in the Cañi parish of the Colta canton. These species delivered are; Alizo, Higuerón, Yagual, Limón, Durazno and Uvilla.

More than 400 families benefit from this sector.

A second delivery was made in the Malpote community of the Juan de Velasco parish, Colta canton, here more than 40 beneficiaries received 1,500 native plants; between Cedar, timber laurel and 500 fruit species; such as orange, blackberry and tree tomato. Segundo Fala, President of the Citizen Management Committee of the Juan de Velasco parish indicated, “Thanks to the Prefect for the work he has been doing. The province needs brave, young people who work for the development of all the cantons. “In this way, the first phase of this Campaign is fulfilled, which is developed in favor of the care of fragile ecosystems; such as moors, native forests and water sources with the application of good environmental practices and the action of environmental conservation agreements