Timely motivation for beneficiaries of the ETI-Achupallas project of the Provincial Board

The multidisciplinary team of the project “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor”, ETI-Achupallas of the Provincial Board, which is maintained in an agreement with the MIES, proceeded to deliver school kits to children and adolescents, as an incentive for them to continue studying. and also as a thank you to the parents for supporting their children.

Estefanía Barreto, Psychologist; Jessennia Ganán, Social Worker; Ximena Lliguay and Alexandra Chogllo, promoters of the ETI-Achupallas project, from the Alausí canton, took the initiative to deliver school supplies to the 80 users of the “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor” project, belonging to the communities of Nueva Paccha, where it was delivered 44 kits and 36 kits in Cochaloma.

Guido Cardozo, head of the ETI project of the Chimborazo Provincial Board, indicated that many parents, due to the lack of employment and the health emergency, cannot bring their daily sustenance to each of their homes, so the help received to Through the project team “Progressive Eradication of Child Labor”, it will alleviate somewhat the economic hardships they have been enduring.

“We want to motivate and contribute a grain of sand so that the children and adolescents of the project continue with their studies and their parents understand the importance of the right to education,” Cardozo stressed.

Present at the delivery of the school kits were the president of the Achupallas Parish GAD, Eduardo Pilco, and the parents of the children and adolescents.

María Sanaguaray, mother of one of the girls, thanked the Chimborazo Prefecture for the help received, “God pay you and thank you very much for all the support you provide to our children,” she said.