Titaycún older adults are cared for by the medical brigade of the Provincial Board

On behalf of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, the medical brigade of the Provincial Patronage treated the elderly and people with disabilities in the Titaycún community of the Chambo canton with general medicine.

Priscila Calva, general practitioner of the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, made home visits, reaching out with specialized assistance to people with physical and intellectual disabilities, and within the consultations made, pathologies of cardiovascular diseases and arthropathies.

According to the medical assessment made to the patients of the Titaycún community, the delivery of medicines for the corresponding treatment and technical aids, such as canes and a wheelchair, was determined.

Washington Pilataxi, president of the Titaycún community, highlighted the support provided by the Chimborazo Prefecture and the Provincial Board, because they are reaching the most vulnerable population, “my infinite gratitude to those who are helping, to the communities, because we have many needs, especially the older ones, who are forgotten by their children ”, he said.

Carmen Pilatuña, sister-in-law of an older adult, one of the beneficiaries, thanked the Prefect, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, for having sent the medical brigade to attend to her sister-in-law, “I thank you deeply for having given this help, May God bless you and keep going ”.