Asphalting works in El Batán and Chibunga neighborhoods advance in their final phase

The Prefecture of Chimborazo advances with the double asphalt treatment works in a second phase, which includes 2.5 km (13 streets) in the “San José del Batán” and “San José de Chibunga” neighborhoods, belonging to the Riobamba canton, benefiting about 3,500 inhabitants. The works are carried out with the institution’s own machinery.

“We work in a planned manner on projects that improve people’s future (…) the institution has its own machinery with improved technology, trains staff, and also manages resources properly (…) the people of these neighborhoods now live a new reality that they have had to wait for several decades,” said Luis Falconí, General Coordinator of the Prefecture.

For his part, César Vinueza, Public Works technician, detailed the work carried out during this second phase, including the placement of the micro-surfacing, that is, the last layer of this cold asphalt treatment; Later, horizontal and vertical signaling work will be carried out. “This work methodology allows us to reduce costs, that is, with the same budget as before, we can now do up to three times more,” he said.

According to residents of the neighborhoods, it has been more than 40 years that they have made requests to the authorities so that these roads can be intervened with asphalt work. Estefanía Tene, a resident of the “San José de Chibunga” neighborhood, acknowledged that today a dream is crystallizing. “It is a joy to know that today this work is fulfilled, it is 43 years that I have lived in the middle of the earth, dust and mud (…) thank you, Mr. Prefect, for fulfilling us,” she said Tene.

For Edison Acán, representative of the El Batán neighborhood, he assured that since the beginning of the Juan Pablo Cruz administration, it has been possible to coordinate activities for his neighborhood. “For more than a year we had hoped to have paved roads, our support and commitment as a neighborhood was to carry out complementary works, which we have done. (…) years passed in which no prefect has listened to us, this in winter was a quagmire, you couldn’t take out the products and in summer we lived eating powders, people got sick from the throat, but that has changed, “he said .

The Prefecture works in a planned manner with new projects and it is carried out by identifying the areas at the level of the entire province, which, according to their competences, can initiate the corresponding intervention.