Road maintenance works benefit families from Miraflores and Guayllanag in the Cumandá canton

The Miraflores- Guayllanag – Rosa Mercedes road, from the Cumandá canton, was intervened by the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, in an area of ​​17.5 km, with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of this productive area.

The works include cleaning the gutters, grading and improvement with ballast in the critical parts of the road; With this intervention, more than 300 families who live in these three areas of this canton benefit, who are dedicated to the production of sugar cane, bananas, blackberries, strawberries, among others.

Now transporting your products will no longer have complications and allows them to reach the different markets of the country. “In this canton so far this year we have intervened around 50 km, both in maintenance and road improvement, benefiting some 1,200 families,” said Betsy Altamirano, a Provincial Government Public Works technician.

For his part, Jorge Espinoza, resident of the Miraflores campus, recognized the support that the institution provides in the Cumandá canton and stated: “In our sector, they assisted us with the improvement of the road, which allows us to move our production to the head cantonal for its commercialization (…) on weekends there is a large attendance of people who come to the Guayllanag paragliding track, this is very important for us because thanks to the presence of tourists the economy of the inhabitants of this area is boosted ”.