Road maintenance works are carried out in the Pallatanga canton

In order to improve mobility in the Pallatanga canton, the Provincial Government’s Public Works Directorate began with maintenance and road improvement works in various areas, which were previously analyzed with authorities from the Municipal GAD.

The works started on the Balazul – Yaguarcocha road, where maintenance, cleaning, repairing, restructuring of ditches and ballasting of critical parts are carried out, in a length that includes the 20 km of intervention; This work directly benefits more than 500 families from the San Vicente de Jipangoto, Asacoto Centro, Asacoto Palmital, Yaguarcocha, Visniag, Quinual, Jipangoto Alto and Baba communities; dedicated to the cultivation of blackberries and milk production.

As a precedent, this road was inaugurated in 1998, since that date it has not been attended and the inhabitants of the area have had to suffer the consequences of not having a road in optimal conditions, to transport their products and even to move to the cantonal head, for this reason the new administration of the prefecture of Chimborazo promotes road works that contribute to the development of the communities of the sector.

Eliseo Paguay, a resident of the San Vicente de Jipangoto community, acknowledged that before their production was lost when it was transported to sell in the markets. “Everything was a loss for the farmers (…) today with the work they are doing, the road is in good condition and we have no problems in mobilizing ourselves, this improves our living conditions and above all the economy of us farmers who are always forgotten, “he said.

The machinery will remain in Pallatanga for three months, during this time it is planned to intervene – in addition to Balazul, Yaguarcocha – the internal roads of the Gahuín Grande, Gahuín Chico and Las Rosas communities.