Road maintenance works are carried out in the Cubijíes parish of the Riobamba canton

The Provincial Government of Chimborazo began with maintenance and road improvement works in the El Socorro and San Clemente communities of the Cubijíes parish, belonging to the Riobamba canton, there are 24 kilometers of intervention, to improve the quality of life of more than 400 families who They live in the eastern part of the city.

Tatiana Orozco, a Public Works technician, affirmed that she complies with the planning established for this year. “The works are being carried out with all the excavator, motor grader, roller, loader, tanker and two dump trucks (…) in some sections we are carrying out a complete ballast work because these roads have never been intervened,” she said.

The works are carried out in an articulated manner with the residents of each sector; It should be noted that the intervention will improve the vehicular and pedestrian circulation of the inhabitants who live in the middle of dust and with totally precarious roads.

“It should be noted that the support has been fundamental (…) the improved roads will solve all our problems that have been generated at a commercial level for all families due to the poor state of the roads,” said Ángel Moyón, president of the GAD parish of Cubijíes.

For his part, Ángel Centeno, resident of the El Socorro community, acknowledged that road maintenance was necessary and they have waited for several years for the attention of authorities. “This will allow the residents of this sector to have a direct connection with Riobamba and other cantons in the province,” he said.