Road maintenance works are carried out on the Návag – Cañi road in the Colta canton

In order to improve the mobility of the inhabitants of the Cañi cantón Colta parish, the Chimborazo prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, carries out maintenance work on the Návag-Cañi road; They are 37 km long, where the road team began the intervention a month ago.

This is the only way by which the inhabitants can transport their products from the parish head and the 7 communities, to the different markets of the country. Up to now, 70% of the work has been done.

“As technicians of the Provincial Government, we are committed to the inhabitants of our province to deliver roads in optimal conditions, which improve the quality of life of Chimboracenses,” said Luis Naula, Technician of Public Works of the Provincial Government.

The works began in the Navag Páramos, with cleaning, restructuring of ditches, grading the bed and compacting the road. “With a road in good condition we can move without any problem (…) we have better prices and above all we boost the economy of our farming families who live off what the field produces,” said Luis Guzmán, president of the Cañi parish GAD.

Miguel Chimbo, resident of the Ambrosio Lasso community, recognized the work of the Chimborazo Prefecture for the road rehabilitation works. “Before we were abandoned, no one supported us despite the offers, today we are happy with the work they are doing, we ask them to continue working,” concluded the inhabitant.