Resurfacing works are carried out in the cantons Alausí and Colta

The Chimborazo Prefecture socialized the asphalt resurfacing works on the Charicando Cocán and Mancheno San Guisel roads, belonging to the Alausí and Colta cantons, where collective issues of roads were addressed: potholes and micro-paving, as support for the communities and population of these agricultural and productive areas.

The intervention on the Charicando Cocán road, located in the Tixán parish of the Alausí canton, consists of a 7 km long patching and placement of a 3.7 km micro-pavement. With the help of these works, 25 communities in the sector that are dedicated to the processing of dairy products will benefit.

José Bravo, a member of the Gulaguayco community, indicates, “for us his presence is good, since with maintenance we can circulate without problem, this road is a benefit for everyone, this place is touristy to go especially to the Ozogoche lagoons” .

Meanwhile, on the Mancheno San Guisel road of the Columbe parish, belonging to the Colta canton, the patching work was carried out in 9.3 km and the micro-paving in 2 km in length, in addition, asphalt emulsion was placed that serves as an adhesion glue to the asphalt with the ground.

“The communities will collaborate with a minga, removing weeds from the place to facilitate the work of the Prefectural staff,” said César Vinueza, Project Coordinator of the Public Works Directorate.