Road works progress in Sacramento Copalillo and Guagal of the Cumandá canton

According to the planning established for this year and with the purpose of improving the mobility of the inhabitants of the upper area of ​​the Cumandá canton, the Prefecture of Chimborazo, carries out the cleaning of gutters and grading of the internal roads of the Sacramento, Copalillo and Guagal, which were deteriorated due to climatic changes, with this intervention directly benefit more than 200 families in this sector.

In the Sacramento campus, the works were carried out in a length of 8.5 km, in Copalillo 8 km and in Guagal 6 km. “The road rehabilitation in our province is necessary because we improve the quality of life of the Chimboracenses”, indicated Betsy Altamirano, technician of Public Works of the Provincial Government.

Santiago Quito, a resident of Copalillo, stated that the state of the roads made it difficult for vehicles to circulate and made it impossible for them to travel to other areas. “Before, no authority took us into account, they had us abandoned and these sections were not attended to for a long time,” he said.

The recovery of these roads benefits residents of the sector such as Guillermo Lobato, resident of the Sacramento area, who carries out his freight in his truck and before could not circulate, now having a road in good condition it will be possible to work without inconvenience and boost the economy of your home.

The Provincial Government of Chimborazo, through the Public Works Directorate, maintains constant monitoring of the routes within its competence, for the corresponding interventions and attention to emergencies that may arise.