Trail Running Ruta de los Incas, alternative of tourist reactivation in Chimborazo

Complying with the schedule of activities of the agenda “Chimborazo adventure 2021 – 2023” and as part of the process of tourist-economic reactivation of the province, the official launch of the “Trail running the Route of the Incas and Expo – Feria la Providencia” was carried out. 2021 ”, to be held next Sunday, November 21 in the Guano canton.

As part of the efforts of the Provincial Government, there is support for initiatives that promote adventure activities, to enhance the benefits that Chimborazo has.

“These actions cannot be developed without the participation of the private sector, now we see public-private alliances in a strategic way and with a vision of permanence (…) we finally see Chimborazo on the tourist map, people who know about our schedule of activities Get to know and visit what our province has (…) we invest in sports health, generating economic activity and promoting tourism; We will continue joining efforts to work with the other institutions that have felt the value of unity, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo.

Within the model of territorial impulse that the Parish Government of La Providencia has implemented, this sporting experience is complemented with the Entrepreneurship Expo Fair, through its brands of origin PURIK (tourism), AWAY (handicrafts woven in sheep’s wool – ponchos , scarves, blankets), TARPUY (agricultural products), which will take place in the park “December 2”, starting at 08:00, with the aim of strengthening the economic-commercial development of Chimborazo.

José Pérez, president of the Parish GAD, said that Providence seeks joint work and commitment, thinking about the development of this territory. “Thanks to the support of the Prefecture, we will continue to promote the economy through the Productive Development center, which is the door to development for our parish (…) today our producers are there to present their entire commitment to work with you,” he said.

The Trail Running “The Route of the Incas” is a strategy to generate synergy in all the activities to be carried out and provide a window to show our natural, cultural and intangible resources. The race runs through the transversal route of Capac Ñan and 2 distances are enabled: 13 and 5 kilometers, with the participation of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, La Providencia Parish Government, Municipality of Guano and the cooperation of the International Greening Planet Movement (MIEP).