Users of the Matus – Penipe Irrigation Board receive support from the Prefecture of Chimborazo

Thinking of strengthening the farmers of the Penipe canton, the Prefecture of Chimborazo delivered materials for the construction of the caps that serve to cover 2 km of the irrigation channel of the Matus – Penipe Board.

This allows the canal to be protected from landslides, which in the rainy season, damage a large part of the irrigation system, in addition, it serves as a platform so that tourists do not suffer accidents when practicing the sport of hiking and that more and more increase visits in the canton.

“As a prefecture we are working on this irrigation system that has always had problems with landslides, these covers that we are delivering will serve to protect it (…) we always provide support to farmers in this area,” said Marcelo Alvarado, General Director of Irrigation.

The canal in total is 18 km long, benefiting 120 user families, who use the water to irrigate about 200 hectares that are destined to the cultivation of fruits, as the main source of economic income in the area.

For his part, Rommel Haro, president of the Irrigation Board, Matus – Penipe, affirmed that in previous times nobody supported them, however, in the new administration of the Provincial Government, the work has been reflected since the beginning of the management.

“Thanks to the decision of the current prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, today the farmers in this area have the support (…) this will allow us to have irrigation water without any inconvenience and our production will be assured,” said Haro.