Verification and selection of improved breed sheep to deliver to vulnerable groups in the Tixán parish.

In the páramo of Pucacaja, belonging to the San Antonio de Chacaza community of the Matriz de Guamote parish, the technicians of the Project “Socio-Economic Strengthening” of the Provincial Board, verified and selected the improved breed sheep of line 4M, which It will be delivered to the vulnerable groups of the Pachagshí and Pachamama Chico communities of the Tixán parish of the Alausí canton.

Aurelio Espinoza, responsible for the Project, indicated that 250 copies will be delivered to 125 beneficiaries of the vulnerable groups of Pachagshí and Pachamama Chico, “we are making the respective selection, in coordination with the verifying technician of the Productive Development Directorate, Emilio Alvear and with the Warehouse manager,Denis Falconí, who receives the goods. They accompanied us to do this activity, together with the technicians of the Provincial Board ”, he said. José Carrasco, technician of the Provincial Board, stated that the characteristics of the specimens are verified, and within the technical specifications, the body condition is stated in the contract with the supplier, that is, if it is greater than or equal to 2.5 diameter of wool and the fineness of wool. Other characteristics that differentiate this breed, is the poise, a good stop, they serve as reproducers, absence of external parasites, in the males, the diameter and consistency of the testicles is verified and in the females, the consistency of the udders . Most of the verified sheep are within the requested technical parameters and are those that passed the selection test.