Via San Pedro de las Abras enters the asphalt phase by the Chimborazo Prefecture

In the next few days, the Chimborazo Prefecture will begin the asphalting phase of the San Pedro de las Abras road, which has an extension of 2.5 kilometers and an investment of 325 thousand dollars. The work, which is carried out through public procurement, will benefit more than 40,000 families in the Riobamba and Guano cantons.

Paulina Sigüencia, highway technician of the Chimborazo Prefecture, reported that the work will have a four-month execution period and includes the improvement of the road structure and the tread layer, to later place the asphalt binder using a new technology that will prolong the useful life, also allowing a better finish.

Ángel Guaño, a resident of San Gabriel at the Guano Canton Airport, stated that the asphalt work will directly benefit various sectors of his canton and Riobamba. Among the sectors benefited, San Gabriel Airport, San Nicolás, Langos San Miguel, San Pedro de Las Abras and more than ten sectors of the Langos stood out.

Guaño thanked and recognized the management of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz for prioritizing such a desired work that, without a doubt, according to what he said, will improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the sector.

Writing: Claudio Lema