Roads and development in the south-eastern neighborhoods of Riobamba

The Chimborazo prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, carries out the maintenance, reconformation and removal of the existing material in the main ones of the south-eastern zone of Riobamba, to improve the transit of those who move to other areas of the city .

In the first phase, 20 km are being intervened, improving the quality of life of more than 2,500 people from 18 neighborhoods that live in this area, so far work has been carried out in the sectors: Quintul, Los Pisines, La Pirámide and Medio World.

“Our goal as a prefecture is to support the development of rural neighborhoods in Riobamba, with the purpose of providing a better service to its inhabitants, who have been abandoned for a long time,” said Tatiana Orozco, Provincial Government Public Works technician.

Patricio Gunsha, president of the San Francisco de Pisín neighborhood of the Riobamba canton, announced that, thanks to the work carried out by the Chimborazo Prefecture, the mobility of citizens is currently improving, “thanks to the predisposition of the institution , the request was answered immediately to start work in these neighborhoods, “he said.

For his part, Francisco Solórzano, resident of the Quintul neighborhood, referred to the benefits of having clean streets and in good condition, “the roads were full of obstacles, dirt, holes everywhere, we could not circulate, with this intervention we have a resounding change in our areas, “he said.