VICEPREFECTA - Tlga. Maria Delia Caguana

Delia Caguana is a woman of the Puruhá ethnic group, she was president of the Confederation of the Indigenous Movement of Chimborazo. She has been working since she was 12 years old, as president of the indigenous pastoral of her parish.

He trained at the Monsignor Leonidas Proaño Training Center, where he had the opportunity to prepare, thanks to the support of a French sister, to be a good leader and good companion.

Since childhood she was called Mama Delia; they always asked him to represent them, to prepare himself, to go to workshops to know how to lead the community. With the help of Monsignor Victor Corral Mantilla he went to Sweden to prepare and preach the word of God, celebrate the holidays, give hosts, talk to the sick.

He always liked working with Catholics, talked about social and economic issues, to strengthen the economy of land, water and seeds. After I return from Sweden, at age 28, I enter high school, finish high school and then study to become a Medicine Technologist. She is currently the Vice Prefect of Chimborazo who wants to work and serve to achieve the well-being of her people.