Vulnerable groups of Pistishí received free medical attention by the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board

The priority care groups of Pistishi of the Alausí canton received medical attention at the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Patronage in general medicine and dentistry.

Children and older adults were treated in general medicine and dentistry services by specialized professionals from the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board.

Santiago Pazán, a doctor, provided care to patients with upper respiratory infections and bronchitis, as well as chronic problems of arthritis and high blood pressure, and children with parasitosis, who were given completely free medicine for their respective treatments.

Meanwhile, Luis Naranjo, also a doctor, had an intense working day with the minors, who were assisted with the placement of dental sealants, as well as intervention with prophylaxis and fluoridations and preventive dentistry.

Graciela Tene, a farmer from Pistishi, thanked her son for the medical services received, in dentistry as general medicine, “the care was excellent, it is easier for us not to go to another place in search of doctors because to go to the cities Chunchi or Alausí always takes us a long time and sometimes they do not attend right away, for that reason many thanks to the prefect, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, for sending the Mobile Health Unit here “, he mentioned.

Medical services, like medicine, are provided free of charge by the technicians of the Provincial Board, who work in a coordinated manner.