We delivered 219 food rations to priority groups in Guamote.

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Provincial Board of Trustees, delivered 219 food rations to families of the priority care groups of the communities: San José de Atillo, Reten Ichubamba, Cecel Airon and Pancún Ichubamba, belonging to the Cebadas parish of the Guamote canton, affected by the ashfall of the Sangay volcano.

“The orders from the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, is that we activate with the Board of Trustees, the institution that is focused on the social sphere to distribute food rations in the communities most affected by the ashfall and due to the pandemic”, indicated José Carrasco, technician of the “Socioeconomic Strengthening of Priority Attention Groups” Project.

56 rations will be distributed in San José de Atillo, 55 in Reten Ichubamba, 64 in Cecel Airon and 44 in Pancún Ichubamba. With the help provided, it seeks to contribute to the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers and people in extreme poverty in the province of Chimborazo. Ángel Guambo, president of the Cecel Airón community, affirmed that given the difficult situation it is going through, these rations are of great help to the community.

“It seems very good to me that these aid are coming that benefit the families of the community to feed our homes. Today, with the economic situation we are going through, it helps us a lot, for our part we have received them with open arms and with joy, we hope they will continue to collaborate with us as an aid to the poorest, “he said. For his part, José Pedro Allaica, resident and beneficiary, expressed gratitude to the prefect’s management, “these aid and projects that have reached their communities are providing true support to the indigenous sector, thank you,” he concluded.