Wheelchair will facilitate safe mobility for vulnerable chimboracense

This Thursday morning, the Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Board of Trustees, delivered a wheelchair to Mr. Marco Medardo from the Basán Grande community, Guamote canton, Cebadas parish.

Marco, 32, presents 92% of intellectual disability and physical consequences, this means that he does not have free wandering, and due to this, the Prefecture intervened with the delivery of an anti bedsore mattress and vitamin supplements to provide him with a better health condition .

The Director of the Board, Isabel Maldonado, who visited Medardo, mentioned that “On behalf of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, he delivers the wheelchair because he is always attentive to the needs of vulnerable groups, this arduous work will continue, we will continue with the same management, providing technical aids. This contribution from the Prefecture of Chimborazo will undoubtedly help Marco to move freely and comfortably, inside and outside his home ”.

For technical aids, the cases are previously identified, analyzed and evaluated by the professionals and operational technical personnel, they are responsible and those who determine the priority needs.