Chimborazo children and youth developed skills to program and create educational games

This Friday, August 27, 2021, the Chimborazo Prefecture closed the second vacation colony “Yachay Tic’s”, which was developed virtually, with the participation of 73 children and adolescents from 33 educational institutions at the provincial level, who were related to friendly environments to put into practice concepts related to programming to create their own educational games.

“With these positive actions, the Province of Chimborazo decreases the digital divide (…) now the participants will be able to take advantage of all their creativity and imagination, the province will have future technology developers,” said Byron Soto, Information Technology Coordinator of the Provincial Government. .

During the courses, 46 projects related to STEAM competencies (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) have been elaborated, which will be sent to the web repository, for future provincial technological projects, in addition, 16 of them have been uploaded to the ‘scratch’ web platform, to be reinvented.

Santiago Varela, 15 years old, was one of the participants, during the event he presented his project of an educational game called “Leyends”, which combines history and culture of the Chimboracense territory, which was designated among the most outstanding.

“It has been important to learn about programming, something that has always attracted me and I am grateful to the trainers and the entire institution for generating these educational spaces,” said Varela.

For his dedication and commitment, a certificate of approval, lasting 30 hours, was given to the 73 participants.

“This vacation colonial had no cost and it is thanks to the effort of all the technicians of the Tic’s coordination (…) they have acquired programming skills and not only to create games but with a clear objective, to rescue from the collective, historical and social identity as its own identity, through creativity in the games launched, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

For her part, Sandra Valdiviezo, representing the parents of the participants, acknowledged the efforts made by the Provincial Government to create these spaces for participation for children and young people: “During the development of the workshops, we have been able to feel the first hand how issues that would seem difficult to understand have been made transparent and in a clear and practical way (…) day by day they have aroused interest and enthusiasm in the different phases carried out to build the project or game so longed for ”, he stated.

Boys, girls and adolescents will now develop their mental skills, related to collaborative methodologies and will be able to replicate the transferred content promoting technological culture, joining the initiative of the Prefecture of Chimborazo that promotes the reduction of the digital divide.