Prefectura de Chimborazo firma Carta de Intención para la administración de Ferrocarriles del Ecuador FE– EP (en liquidación)

In the Hall of Honor of the Provincial Government of Cotopaxi, the Prefectures of Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Guayas and Pichincha, signed a Letter of Intent for the provincial administration of the assets declared in Historical Cultural Heritage of the company Ferrocarriles del Ecuador FE-EP (in liquidation), which will be delivered to the President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno Garcés.

The Provincial Governments intend to assume the assets and the management of the patrimonial assets of Ferrocarriles del Ecuador, in order to promote the development of the territories, therefore they require that the National Government consider the transfer of said assets, including the right of track and the delegation of concurrent transport competence to the Prefectures, through whose territories the railway line crosses. For the prefect of Guayas, Susana Gonzáles, not granting those rights to the Provincial Governments, it will be possible to scrap a large part of the history of Ecuadorians.

“Our union as Prefects has to do with an act of solidarity (…), the articles of the Constitution and the COOTAD protect us to assume the competences with salary, and that you (National Government), assume that passive inventory that if it corresponds to you for what they did not do and we assume what we can do ”, he indicated. For his part, Luis Falconí, delegate of Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, stressed that the province has been channeling actions for the recovery of the railroad and highlighted the union and predisposition of the other Provincial Governments not to lose a story that enriches the country. “Chimborazo, through the Provincial Tourism Management Committee of the Railway Recovery Subcommittee, has worked on proposals from Alausí with the province,” he said. It is expected to be foreseen under the legal figure of transfer, in favor of the Provincial Governments, which are currently analyzing the adequate management options for the efficient use and operation of the assets. “We have interest, conditions, and above all, or the political will to take up this challenge,” said Paola Pavón, prefect of Pichincha. Likewise, the prefect of Cotopaxi, Jorge Guamán, affirmed that a preliminary project has already been prepared that intends to work and manage actions with the private sector, which also have an interest in joining this challenge. “You cannot scrap a 147-year-old historical issue (…), I am convinced that the Prefectures are going to revive this project in Ecuador; there are people who make a living from this and have lost a lot, “he said.